Would I Really?


The enigma of all thoughts. Would I really?

It may be an absurd situation, but can I honestly say how I would react? Would I actually know or do what I say I would? For example, if there were a shooter in the school I would bust out my inner Chuck Norris and take them out cold, preferably with a leg of a chair.

I imagine it all the time, especially when I’m in classes I can’t focus on *cough cough* math *cough cough*. [On a side note, please don’t think I’m  a seriously delusional theorist. I just get really bored in math]

The gunman walks in, he’s on crack, and storms the classrooms. I’m not completely insane, so of course he doesn’t shoot anyone down. He just wants everyone to be quiet, and hand over whatever cell phones the people have. A seemingly untrained teacher refuses and, unfortunately, gets shot………in the leg. No worries, they’ll make it.

Everyone’s panicking now. Some girls cry and the guys just remain in a stony silence. I, being a human being and the heroine, spot the shooter in the doorway while coming back from the bathroom. I don’t have anything on me, but there’s a locker with a loose lock. Don’t forget I’m insanely stealthy, like a ninja, and easily sneak past the man. Somehow I manage to grab the lock and BAM! I have a shawshank weapon. I take the lock, throw it at the man’s head. He swings around to see who’s there but doesn’t notice me as I slide under him. From there on, he’s done. I pull some WWMA moves, headlock him, slam him to the ground, step on his hand to force the gun out, and voila. I am finished and so is he. Day saved, right?

The chance of this happening- me reacting this way- is one in a million. You could say, have confidence, or that it’s improbable (look at me using vocab words :D) for anything of the sort to happen. In reality, it happens all the time.

The U.S deadliest mass shootings (http://timelines.latimes.com/deadliest-shooting-rampages/); some I’m sure you’re very aware of are the ultimate incidents to spark thoughts like these, respectively. What would I do? Would I do it? Could I do it?  People try to be heroes, villains, and then there’s always more victims than either of the two. It’s definitely an enigma of my own capabilities, self-worth, and thoughts. Would I really do it? Could I really be a hero? A victim? A villain? 

Think of it yourself, readers, bloggers, and theorists.

Misu ❤

SIDE NOTE: Today I was remembering the victims of Sandyhook, may they R.I.P; so don’t worry, I don’t look up the deadliest mass shootings as a hobby haha. That’d be…a very interesting hobby


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