Fighting over the Cookie Jar


A group of school children fight over the cookie jar. It’s empty now, mind you, but it will one day be full again, hopefully. Despite it lacking its purpose at the moment, everyone had their eyes set on it. They still do.

The cookie jar was once full. Brimming to the top with cookies, but as everyone knows, cookies go fast in a class. Everything slowly went down hill from there. A few group of kids met together along with the class president to discuss the cookie jar’s purpose. “Do something about it! Help the cookie jar be full again!”, they complained.

“It’s not my fault. Everyone is supposed to have good behavior and work hard for the cookies, but instead all you do is eat them!” The president exclaimed. Still, the students complained and couldn’t be satisfied. Class president devised a plan to help the cookie jar. It went smoothly for a short while, but another group of kids, the leader being Reba (in charge of the cookie making), were not happy with the plan.

In some kids opinions, the only reason Reba and her group were being nasty was because they didn’t want to work. The class president’s plan was exactly that, work. No one got a cookie unless they worked for it; if they got the required work done, then they were practically ensured for cookies from the cookie jar. A downside to the plan was that the whole class had to do work, despite their prefrence. Everyone needed to work, and if no one did? No cookies for anyone. Reba and her group hated work but as lazy as they were, they had some pretty fair arguments.

“Not everyone can work as fast as others!” They argued. “Not all the kids want cookies, either. Why should no one get any cookies if other kids don’t want them?”

Reba and her group said that unless they saw some changes to the cookie-jar-rules, then they wouldn’t make the cookies. This posed as a real snotty-move because of two reasons.

1) If the cookie-jar-rules were changed in any way, then the class president knew that students would go back to the way they were before

2) Without the cookies being made, then the whole cookie jar would be useless. There wouldn’t be anymore cookies, and ultimately, no motivation for the students to do work anymore. The whole class would then fail.

So the class president and Reba fought for days over the cookie-jar-rules. Eventually, their time limit ran out (they had to refill the cookie jar by a certain time) and they were dismissed from school for the weekend. The cookie jar lays unfilled, unused, and the class remains cookie-less.

I’m sure by now you can see what topic I’m poking at, and I’m also sure you’re sick of reading about it. I just couldn’t resist myself! The temptation was too great. In all honesty, I couldn’t think of a better way to write about how they’re acting without using something child-related. I can understand the U.S is in some deep trouble, I can take that seriously. If the U.S government goes into code red because of this situation, then this wouldn’t be a satire post. However, there are plenty of solutions that could have been effective. All the parties had to do was stop thinking that what they were “doing” was for the people, because the way I see it is exactly what I have written.

Kids fighting over an empty cookie jar, arguing over rules already made and quite frankly, not getting any work done for the class as a whole.

Any comments about this?

Misu ❤


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