They’re the Japanese “escorts” of a forgotten age. Okay, maybe not so much forgotten, because they still exist today.  Anyways, I was reading this lovely book awhile back (The picture is from Memoirs of a Geisha– the movie). I remember writing a poem for it, not the book in general, but Geishas, on my tumblr. I thought that it ought to have more spotlight. I’m always looking for ways to feed my asian culture obsession, why not on here too? Enjoy!

The Poem from my tumblr:

Like a Geisha
She is bound by a contract
Of debt
Of guilt
Of desire
Of poverty
Of desperation
And Like a Geisha
She is innocent-looking
Her Kimono tightly bound
Nature is surrounding her
Colors pleasing to eyes
Pleasingly beautiful
Even though makeup
Has been heavily applied
Like a Geisha
One does not pry
Into her like she is nothing
They watch, gracefully
Watching as she serves
Warm tea by the trees
Blossom petals coming down
And chivalry isn’t dead
The man will take his time
She serves and waits
Until he is ready
At the end of the waiting
They will fall
Like a Geisha
Love is false
Money is involved
Desires and truths
Like a Geisha
Left vulnerable and weak
But the petals fall
Swaying with winds
Silk Kimonos covering
Warming, even, her skin
Into the eyes she is peering
She does not see a contract
Of debt
Of guilt
Of desire
Of poverty
Or of riches
But the only man
Who took to prying
Of patient watching
Of asking, without saying
She found love
Like a Geisha
It was her job
To give love
To make love
And to enjoy love
But was she ever loved?

Hope you enjoyed readers, bloggers, and asian enthusiasts alike 

Misu ❤


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