Letter to You


To you whom it concerns greatly,

Listen you social butterflies, attributed characters, gorgeous models, and trampy skanks- someone loves you out there.

For you who are in a hospital because you thought cuts were the only way to feel, or when you felt like committing because you could no longer feel- someone’s out there waiting to be loved by and love you.

So, listen, you troubled and conflicted souls. You who are feeling unloved and popping the pills- someone loves you.

Don’t waste life away on these feelings of pain. Im not an expert, love isn’t a job, but Im smart enough and I honestly believe enough in it to say this. Im not sure if this is a quote, or if its closely related to one, but quote me on this anyway:

Someone loves or will love you. All you need to do is find the strength to keep living for that moment when you do find it

No offense, or anger is directed to anyone out there. Just love.

Misu ❤


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