The Whole Ordeal of Creating a Club


Ello mates

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty truth. Yes, I know, it’s been eight days since I’ve posted something. I’m slacking on this whole blog. I can accept this. Strike one against Misu! You’ve got me now readers. So, I’m going to briefly give you all an update on why I’m slacking (excuses? what? No, psshhhh, never):

1) Homework: So much homework. I’m not talking about three or four pages of math; I mean 2-3 projects assigned at the same time and then some pages of math plus a script to memorize. Talk about a nosebleed.

2) Clubs: Key Club, Art Club, Interact, Newspaper, Debate (which I’ve officially dropped), Film Club (which I’m thinking of dropping), and then outside gang activities-J.K on that one. In all seriousness, outside school clubs.

3) Boyfriend: I haven’t seen him in a while because of our schedules, so, this is just a complaint rather than an “update” (excuse? pssh, no)

4) Babysitting: So. Many. Kids. All of them are my siblings, yay. And by babysitting I mean checking their homework, changing diapers, making dinners, breakfasts, lunches, etc.

Last but not least:

5) Creating a Club: This is the big whopper here. Let me go into detail of how much time I’ve invested in creating this club.

At school, you can create clubs as long as it’s approved by whomever it was- the principal? club manager? both of them?- and then continue to find a sponsor (usually a teacher). I didn’t do any of this, my partner (co-founder) did. And then, you know, planning. How long the planning for this club was is insane. We first met up about it in October. And that first meeting was planned in September. So far, a two month time span has been established.

So, after all our planning was done (location, detail, flyers, texting back and forth about the date, and then some other minor details) we were ready to put everything in action. Then we find out, oh, yeah, the location is going to be unknown for a while because the librarians are out (creative writing club + library= perfect), okay, not bad, right? WRONG.

We needed the location because the interest meeting was scheduled for the following week; but now it’s not because it’ll be too short of a notice for students. Now, after all this planning, and weeks of my own excitement I must wait for this week to pass by. Boo.

On a deeper note, the whole ordeal of creating a club has been tedious. But….It’s got me really thinking. Before I wasn’t all for this club, I didn’t want to make it, I just wanted to be in it. However, since, at that time, no one seemed to be making one, I took it upon myself to make one. Despite me being in a class already, I wanted to go beyond the border of prompts and guidelines and rules and given topics. I just wanted to be able to freely write, and it’s hard to do that when you have a busy home life as well as during school; so why not make it happen in school (we have a sort of free period, not study hall, but a mandatory one) when I wouldn’t be doing much?

So, there you go. This whole ordeal of creating a club is fun, hard-work, but most importantly: it made me realize that I really have a passion for writing, and I want to make a career out of it. *best wishes for Misu on her career planning/choice*

End of my update. Keep posted readers, bloggers, and passionate writers alike!

Misu ❤


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