Random Thinking; It’s Going to Happen


Have you ever written down thoughts before? Not ideas or logical thoughts. I mean the thoughts that are so random that you find yourself having a discussion with yourself on why they even came up. I have, and let me warn you that they’re very random. Don’t lock me up after reading this. [on side note, these are my current thoughts. I lost that list long ago, but it’s all the same]. Letting my random juice flow now….

Why can’t women be free from bloody waterfalls? Stupid Eve. Alex is staring into space again. Jeel is so smart. She should be a scientist. Jeel, the first teenage scientist discovers the miracles of popcorn and soap. I wonder what would happen if Miss Teacher fell. She’d laugh it off. She’s nice. I want a cookie; I’m the real cookie monstah, hastag nom nom nom nom. GAWD Justin Timberlake is a walking sex god. Jimmy Fallon and him are like, the two gay lovers in my dreams. I would totally ship them. So hard. They could have cute little babies together…Jementa and Lammy. Yes. Their children are so beautiful. But I wonder if they could have babies, wouldn’t they have to hire a surrogate or something. Hahaha, Joe’s sperm bake. You squeeze’m we freeze’em. I can’t believe he answered the phone like that. I haven’t talked to him in awhile, I wonder how he’s doing. Time to tweet him. What should I say? @xxxxxxxx #mish u or “yo gamer, hit me up”. No, that sounds like a total booty call. Ewww. Booty call? Gawsh that’s so degrading. You know what- this whol era is degrading. I mean, seriously, that song about gorillas? It’s sooo catchy but it’s not like sex is all about sex. Okay maybe it is to some people, but humans aren’t animals..well maybe we are. Ugh. I don’t know, don’t wanna think about morals and all that stuff. It’s annoying. I always confuse myself more. Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, don’t think about it.Nope. Still thinking about it. The devil, God, morals, good, evil, all of it. Poop. Can’t I think peacefully without all of that stuff? Ugh. I’m going to take a nap now. Better write my ending.

And there you have it readers, bloggers, and thinkers alike.

Misu ❤


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