Totally Off Topic


So I’m a bit late on the Happy Thanksgiving post…Happy Gobble Gobble Day..or I hope you did. It’s technically Friday now, so, Good Luck Black Friday Shoppers. Let’s not hurt anyone over Gucci Boots, now (Confessions of a Shopoholic reference..)

On to my real rants, tonight/today. That song I absolutely adored? Reality by Arcana. Yes, that one. Well, I derived inspiration from it because it was just too good not to do anything with it. I may not be a musical-vocal talented person (I get 50s on karaoke, don’t tell me I do) but I love words, poem,poetry, lyrics, etc. So, listen to my own spin on the song, or rather, read it. (On a side note, any feedback would be appreciated. I felt as if it were too short)

Enjoy my little poem, its also on Tumblr (link on page: My other Half)

I woke up, you were gone
These lines Im drawing
Can you make the connection?
Times only wasting
While we spend our lives waiting 
It isn’t what we were made to do
Coming down after a high
Waking up from a fantasy
We can’t go, not like this
Its drawing near to an end
Its all coming down on our heads
Before we know it we’re struck down
Wasn’t it too late?
How can love be so fickle
Was it us or the world we live in?
Is it true or can we go on
Show me the way, prove your love
Don’t go without ending it, ending all
Times only wasting
While we spend our lives waiting 
It isn’t what we were made to do
So take this reality and use it
Wake up from this dream 
We’ve been living it too long
Connections I’ve been drawing
You can see it now, embrace it
Im walking into my reality, without you

Listen to the song while reading it if you like ^^

Misu ❤


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