Brand X Muffins


Sitting in math class, prepared with a half-awake brain and a dull pencil, Lorain stared blankly off into space.
Brand X Muffins had taken over the intergalactic realm of breakfast foods. The products of the infamous being, known as “mommy”, the muffins roared mightily. Not today! Lorain the Loud, Lorain the Lonesome, Lorain the Loquacious bellowed ferociously.
Approaching rapidly, Lorain did a black flip twice in the air, landing upon the muffins with her legendary weapon: Silver Fork.
It was not an ordinary weapon, but neither was Lorain the Likely-to-succeed. She was a the best Breakfast Realm superhero, conquering all that needed to be finished. Silver Fork was the weapon her master, the Mentor known as Grandpa, bestowed upon her. She was chosen since birth for her legendary title, to save the world and carry the ultimate power of Silver Fork. And she did her role well.
A Brand X Muffin hoard could be seen from afar. The comrades of their kind had fought hard, but Lorain was far too powerful and their their numbers drew
short quickly. Turn and go back now! Lorain shouted to the oncoming troops. You cannot handle me and I don’t fight weak kinds like you
A Big muffin, the leader of the small army, was risen into the air. He sat, wobbly, on the strength of his comrades. Seeing as Brand X Muffins did not speak English, all Lorain could hear was the sound of an attempted courageous speech. Crumble crumble applile applie the muffins roared once the speech was done. They charged head, or top, on. Their little paper arms flailed around wildly, their dark raisin eyes squinted in anger.
Lorain took a stance, preparing to finish the hoard quickly and return to her conscious state. After the hoard passed the hills she stood in awe and terror. There was not just one hoard, but thousands.
For once throughout all her years as the legendary defender of all Breakfast Realms, Lorain the Little took a step back.


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