What Happened to the Magic?


There are so many wonderful things about Christmas; the gifts, the food, the people, and then there’s a crappy after effect. Like the spiked egg nog, everything tasted fine until it was over. I blame maturing in age on this. Once you grow up everything is either the warm, soft, gooey cookies or the hard-as-coal burnt cookies; then there’s the mix of the two (Of course this is in my perspective. Not everyone, I hope, is like this)

Personally, I find myself growing less attracted to Christmas. The only benefits I see myself truly gaining from is the break from school. I’m just kidding (not the break part! I really love it), there’s always the company and the appreciation aspect of the holiday. There’s no real reason for me not liking Christmas at all except that each year it feels less special. The magic the holiday once held for me seems to decline each year, and I hate it. Some are probably thinking, It’s called growing up. You’re going through a phase. It’s not like you can just stop ageing; but I still don’t like it. All the Santa shenanigans, the classic Christmas movies stuck on replay, and the annoying family traditions they’ve all become quite dull. Maybe I can blame the magic loss on family troubles, the nasty fights between parents and siblings or a parent to parent dispute. It wouldn’t change anything. I’ve had happy Christmas memories, but why can’t I just send this ache away? I’m getting older, my life isn’t where it’s supposed to be, and I’ve realized that all these years my parents have lied to me about Santa (haha :P) What happened to the magic? Where’s all the glee I found as a child in this holiday?

Christmas can mean so much and be better, yet every year I’m probably like this. I’m worried all the time, knowing that after Christmas comes a new year. I’m not focusing on the light of things, instead of thinking “A new year!” I’m on a computer ranting out my personal feels. So, to sum this all up, don’t worry. Stuff your faces with holiday foods or if you’re lacking the magic like me, enjoy this website: http://www.theuselessweb.com/

I wouldn’t want to leave in a Debby Downer manner, therefore, Merry Christmas!!! Give thanks for whoever or whatever you have in life, even if that person is the town drunk, don’t let the holiday magic go out completely. If you’re not feeling it like me this year, it doesn’t matter; make someone else happy! Chances are if you’re not receiving the magic it means you’re chosen to give it. Maybe that’s the only way you can feel all christmas-y!

Lots of Cheer and hope you have a wonderful Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Misu ❤


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