Random Rants?


Seas could stretch for miles on miles in this world. Both depth and length do stretch on, containing the wildest universes we could never hope to fathom. Science can explain everything logically for us. How deep something is or where it starts or ends. But what about the illogical? Why does it stretch that much? How come it has creatures we never knew existed before? It’s because life will have mysteries upon mysteries. And it’s just the way it’s supposed to be. To exist with a purpose is the reason for life. We live not to discover them all, but to experience them

It was kind of- no no it was– the fireworks on the Fourth of July. When the sparks would recede into the night sky, only to come forth bursting into sporadic forms of light. The sound is deafening, gunshots waking my dead senses and kick starting the adrenaline. How long had I been in this rusty state? When did I become dormant on an island of needed explosions? Forget the rules of a reformed society. I’d shake the world and bring it to hell and back. It’s my life.

Enjoy my late night rants :3 They’re on my Tumblr as well.

Misu ❤


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