A little puddle on a road! At first I didn’t notice how pretty it really was, I was going to can it. I played around with some filters before seeing that B&W really worked it. It got me thinking, just how much do we miss in a reflection?

From what I recall, it’s the dramatic clichés that got a reflection in a mirror to matter. The scene where the drug addict looks at their reflection and see just how messed up their life has become, or the horror scene where they’re just looking and all their skin comes off (Poltergeist, anyone?) Not that films are the only ones to get the whole thing started. Many myths or urban legends have spawned the importance of mirrors and what it tends to signify (beauty, vain, evil, etc). But still, how much do we miss in a reflection?

Isn’t it that we look into a mirror and it’s a reflection of us? A mirror can tell me that I’m fat in my jeans but it can’t tell me who I am. A reflection can show what we look like, but we can only decide how we choose to see that “reflection” of ourselves.

Have confidence readers, bloggers, and masters of our own views! The world isn’t some sad rainy day, it’s a rainy day that makes a few puddles. But those puddles hold a reflection of what you can make your world be. You just have to be willing to look

Misu ❤


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