Random Thoughts..


Another segment of my train of thoughts. Mind my grammar and spelling, I’m typing as I think. 

BABY BABY BABY, chenungham sareoki donna. K-pop, ugh, my jam. I don’t like the whole ghetto-gangster up do, though. I mean, the guys are pretty cute rocking it, but too many of them try now. America isn’t all ghetto-gangster, we have our country hicks and then normal people too. What is this? What has K-pop come to? Why am I even labeling America? Whatever, K-pop, I love you but just why? Why? Ugh, uuuggghhhh. The dramas, though. I’m an otaku in k-drama area, I think. Let’s see….1, 2. 3…, 20. Yep. All that. I think I’m an otaku in anime, but I don’t know. Speaking of, anime seasons are a drag. I mean, come one, what’s with all the art styles!? Be open minded, people, because anime isn’t the same. Rather, it’s different art styles (ugly ones) and same old plots with random twists. Or they’re just literally taking manga and putting it on screen with voices…ehm shingeki…I like that show though. Read the manga and just loved it! That’s a unique plot, giant people eating other people. Oooohh, I want sequels though. Not enough sequels came out 😦 Sigh. 

The end!

Keep thinking bloggers, readers, and otakus alike!

Misu ❤


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