Missing Out


I think it’s a terrible thing that my high school is focused on sports. Perhaps only on sports, and that irks me so much.

A lot of high schools focus on sports because it’s the biggest thing out there. Lots of athletic kids can get scholarships and recognition for their abilities, and I don’t mind that. Every department in any high school deserves a fair amount of spotlight. It’s not something that I’ll protest about but what is terrible about the thing is all that focus tends to lean towards sports. This leaves the English, arts, math, & science departments left to share whatever scraps are left. What the hell is this shit?

Literally, for my school play, we had to buy the cheapest materials possible in fear of using too much of our “reserves”. Meanwhile, the sport teams are provided with decked out uniforms and promoted more than anything else. Don’t even get me started on the art department. In a way, it is the lack of wealth and interest. I’ll admit I live in a rather poor, but not poverty stricken, community (We’ll just call it the middle between poor and middle-class).

As a parent I could see the appeal to solely support a sport. To be an artist, actor, super math or science genius you would need skill and talent and it costs money. Sports has a fair amount of those necessities as well, but it can be seen as a long-time to short-time career in the future. What parent is willing to see their child struggle to become an actor in today’s society? I bet the chances are slim.

Boiling down again, the focus on sports isn’t given by the school- but the parents as well. This, again, leaves little for other departments. I’m not going to pull a cliché move and say: “If we could just pull together and bla bla bla we can save the school and more”. The thing is, this world is really in the dumps. There was a time when art was appreciated more than anything else, simply because it was beautiful and there wasn’t technology around to make it easier exposed. You’d think it be a good thing…and it can be but it varies (I’ll get to it later). I just want that world back without losing all the good advances we’ve made.

I want my school plays to have good quality, nice props and sets, maybe a new stage (seriously, more than anything else I want that), and the other departments to have enough money. I want them to not have to worry about what they’re going to do about the shortage in spendable money and textbooks. Can’t we have nice things for all the departments?

I’m sure just about everyone has heard these complaints, from students to teachers and public board member alike. Sorry to be a bit of a debby downer everyone.

Misu ❤


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