If you’ve stumbled upon my blog, then, welcome. I don’t typically share any personal info. EVER. on the great web- I mean, besides thoughts and such- but I’ll let you know some secrets along the way.

My motto: I know what I’m doing, more or less….

Yeah, this one’s a bit easy to understand, so you think. Just kidding, it really is. I do know what I’m doing, and I don’t. That’s life for you. One moment you think that you’re actually putting cookies out for Santa, only to realize your parents are liars- with good intentions- and so the whole Santa aspect of christmas is ruined. I know, I know- bad example of life- but it’s the best I can do at the moment [eventually I’ll change this….more or less]

I am very mixed, especially in ethnicity, but also in personality. This may lead to a very confusing blog, inconsistent even, but it’s okay. Doing some soul searching on a blog never hurt, did it?

That’s all about me that I feel like writing. I’m sure somewhere in my future posts more will be revealed, but until then, this little ramble-of-a-page will have to suffice

Misu ❤


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