Guess Who’s Back? Back Again..


Alright so this time it’s been TWO YEARS since I’ve posted. I’m not even active on my “other half” as much. There’s a reason for this… College Life.

No, I have not been partying hard and getting turnt. My life for the last two years consisted of me working to pay to apply and attend college. Yes, you read it right, apply to college. You would not believe the amount of money it costs to simply apply for colleges. I applied to seven colleges, each application ranging from $45-$75. The question that derived from this money pit was, “If we have to go to college because we need a degree to survive this economy, why must we pay for it?”


Anyhow, as that question remains unanswered, let me express my supreme joy to be back blogging again. Life got the better of me over the last two years. I neglected this sweet blog, forgetting about it entirely. I’m sure I’ve lost whatever followers I had. However, if Missy Elliot can make a comeback from the early 2000’s, so can I. Stay updated with me, next post I’ll be answering that question as well as posting a more detailed summary of my last two years.

❤ Misu