Guess Who’s Back? Back Again..


Alright so this time it’s been TWO YEARS since I’ve posted. I’m not even active on my “other half” as much. There’s a reason for this… College Life.

No, I have not been partying hard and getting turnt. My life for the last two years consisted of me working to pay to apply and attend college. Yes, you read it right, apply to college. You would not believe the amount of money it costs to simply apply for colleges. I applied to seven colleges, each application ranging from $45-$75. The question that derived from this money pit was, “If we have to go to college because we need a degree to survive this economy, why must we pay for it?”


Anyhow, as that question remains unanswered, let me express my supreme joy to be back blogging again. Life got the better of me over the last two years. I neglected this sweet blog, forgetting about it entirely. I’m sure I’ve lost whatever followers I had. However, if Missy Elliot can make a comeback from the early 2000’s, so can I. Stay updated with me, next post I’ll be answering that question as well as posting a more detailed summary of my last two years.

❤ Misu


A work in Progress


I was sitting on the old brown couch with a bowl of eggs. I liked ketchup on my eggs since my grandfather told me to like it. I didn’t mind the sad song playing as I ate. Or even the light that shone through one window, the blinds I was scared to open earlier were open then. My sister told me to stop sulking around and let some light in. Of course I listened, I always listen. So I sat alone eating eggs and a sad song playing, blinds letting light that I didn’t want in, and the bossy one gone to work. Parents gone and a perfectly good house just laying empty. Story of my life. Was this how I was going to spend it? Wasting away eating ketchup eggs that I eat out of obligation rather than preference? Yes, I was.

Random Rants?


Seas could stretch for miles on miles in this world. Both depth and length do stretch on, containing the wildest universes we could never hope to fathom. Science can explain everything logically for us. How deep something is or where it starts or ends. But what about the illogical? Why does it stretch that much? How come it has creatures we never knew existed before? It’s because life will have mysteries upon mysteries. And it’s just the way it’s supposed to be. To exist with a purpose is the reason for life. We live not to discover them all, but to experience them

It was kind of- no no it was– the fireworks on the Fourth of July. When the sparks would recede into the night sky, only to come forth bursting into sporadic forms of light. The sound is deafening, gunshots waking my dead senses and kick starting the adrenaline. How long had I been in this rusty state? When did I become dormant on an island of needed explosions? Forget the rules of a reformed society. I’d shake the world and bring it to hell and back. It’s my life.

Enjoy my late night rants :3 They’re on my Tumblr as well.

Misu ❤

The Whole Ordeal of Creating a Club


Ello mates

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty truth. Yes, I know, it’s been eight days since I’ve posted something. I’m slacking on this whole blog. I can accept this. Strike one against Misu! You’ve got me now readers. So, I’m going to briefly give you all an update on why I’m slacking (excuses? what? No, psshhhh, never):

1) Homework: So much homework. I’m not talking about three or four pages of math; I mean 2-3 projects assigned at the same time and then some pages of math plus a script to memorize. Talk about a nosebleed.

2) Clubs: Key Club, Art Club, Interact, Newspaper, Debate (which I’ve officially dropped), Film Club (which I’m thinking of dropping), and then outside gang activities-J.K on that one. In all seriousness, outside school clubs.

3) Boyfriend: I haven’t seen him in a while because of our schedules, so, this is just a complaint rather than an “update” (excuse? pssh, no)

4) Babysitting: So. Many. Kids. All of them are my siblings, yay. And by babysitting I mean checking their homework, changing diapers, making dinners, breakfasts, lunches, etc.

Last but not least:

5) Creating a Club: This is the big whopper here. Let me go into detail of how much time I’ve invested in creating this club.

At school, you can create clubs as long as it’s approved by whomever it was- the principal? club manager? both of them?- and then continue to find a sponsor (usually a teacher). I didn’t do any of this, my partner (co-founder) did. And then, you know, planning. How long the planning for this club was is insane. We first met up about it in October. And that first meeting was planned in September. So far, a two month time span has been established.

So, after all our planning was done (location, detail, flyers, texting back and forth about the date, and then some other minor details) we were ready to put everything in action. Then we find out, oh, yeah, the location is going to be unknown for a while because the librarians are out (creative writing club + library= perfect), okay, not bad, right? WRONG.

We needed the location because the interest meeting was scheduled for the following week; but now it’s not because it’ll be too short of a notice for students. Now, after all this planning, and weeks of my own excitement I must wait for this week to pass by. Boo.

On a deeper note, the whole ordeal of creating a club has been tedious. But….It’s got me really thinking. Before I wasn’t all for this club, I didn’t want to make it, I just wanted to be in it. However, since, at that time, no one seemed to be making one, I took it upon myself to make one. Despite me being in a class already, I wanted to go beyond the border of prompts and guidelines and rules and given topics. I just wanted to be able to freely write, and it’s hard to do that when you have a busy home life as well as during school; so why not make it happen in school (we have a sort of free period, not study hall, but a mandatory one) when I wouldn’t be doing much?

So, there you go. This whole ordeal of creating a club is fun, hard-work, but most importantly: it made me realize that I really have a passion for writing, and I want to make a career out of it. *best wishes for Misu on her career planning/choice*

End of my update. Keep posted readers, bloggers, and passionate writers alike!

Misu ❤

Miranda the Marvelous


“I demand a refund” Miranda declared.

Travis was poking at his food. The furry clump was far from “Beef and Mash”. Or maybe it was exactly that.

“This was supposed to be a mint condition AKB48 CD” she huffed, slamming the CD case in front of Travis. “Does this look like it’s in mint condition?”

“Yes” Travis said. There was nothing on the CD that he could see. Then again, Miranda was always comparing her hawkeye vision to what she called his “blindness”. “Your inattentiveness conceals everything from you. You might as well declare being legally blind, but don’t worry. I can heal you” he remembered her saying once.

“Ugh. Nevermind” She threw her hands up in the air, tossing the CD behind her.

“I thought you were going to get a refund for that” Travis said, picking at his furry food. He honestly didn’t understand how food could be furry and ultimately how the school could legally give students food that was furry. Something must have went amiss with the law when it came to food distribution.

“There’s no point. I remembered that the agreement we made specifically denied any refunds” Miranda opened her lunchbox, revealing a glorious lunch consisting of food that actually looked edible. Goldfish, an apple, a sandwich that looked like Ham & Cheese with lettuce and mayonnaise and mustard and- Travis couldn’t take it anymore. He needed her food.

“Sharing is caring,” he said. Miranda cocked an eyebrow, her lips pressing together. All tell-tale signs of a plan being thought of. Is the food really worth it? He asked himself. Food is life, you must sustain yourself. School doesn’t let out for another two hours. Hell yeah it is. 

“You know the rules,” Miranda began with a sly smile. “You have to do anything I say, as long as it’s in the bounds of the law, of course”.

A bit of Travis’s pride was lost, but he didn’t eat breakfast, and if he wanted to die the “Beef & Mash” would easily take care of him. This request was a solution to his impending hunger. He had to take it. He nodded in agreement. Miranda’s smile widened.

“You have five minutes to charm those ladies over there, and get their numbers” Travis’s determination sank. Among those “ladies” was his almost-kind-of-crush-but-also-his-ex-girlfriend, Emily Meisenweiner. He would just have to deal with hunger; no way was he going to talk to his third grade ex. Their relationship had ended badly after he broke her macaroni necklace.

“I can’t” he said, defeated. “I’ll just go hungry”

Miranda passed over her goldfish to him. “Your face was priceless” she said between her hysterical laughing. “Enjoy your hard-earned food, my simple friend”

“You know I can’t talk to ex-girlfriends” Travis said before shoving the delightful food into his mouth. He savored the tasted of the salt.

“I don’t know why, it’s not like elementary girlfriends remember you as you do so much them”

“I remember, though, and that’s enough embarrassment for myself. I don’t need them to benign our precious memories or bring up my blunders” he said. It was a bit concerning to himself the way he, almost religiously, refused to talk to ex-girlfriends. But what could he do? His pride was already down to a minimum since his very public break-up with his ex in fifth grade had ruined his rep. in middle school.

“Idiots never fail to weaken my theory on them” Miranda let out, sighing.

“Are you calling me an idiot?” He asked.

“You’re far from that,” she smiled. But Travis could see through that smile as easily as he did the now empty bag. The goldfish were gone. His stomach was saved, three cheers for Miranda. Huzzah, Huzzah, H- wait. Is that bad or good that I’m far from it? He thought.

“What do you mean far from it?” He asked, a bit of offense in his tone.

“That’s a matter of perspective, really” she smiled.

Would I Really?


The enigma of all thoughts. Would I really?

It may be an absurd situation, but can I honestly say how I would react? Would I actually know or do what I say I would? For example, if there were a shooter in the school I would bust out my inner Chuck Norris and take them out cold, preferably with a leg of a chair.

I imagine it all the time, especially when I’m in classes I can’t focus on *cough cough* math *cough cough*. [On a side note, please don’t think I’m  a seriously delusional theorist. I just get really bored in math]

The gunman walks in, he’s on crack, and storms the classrooms. I’m not completely insane, so of course he doesn’t shoot anyone down. He just wants everyone to be quiet, and hand over whatever cell phones the people have. A seemingly untrained teacher refuses and, unfortunately, gets shot………in the leg. No worries, they’ll make it.

Everyone’s panicking now. Some girls cry and the guys just remain in a stony silence. I, being a human being and the heroine, spot the shooter in the doorway while coming back from the bathroom. I don’t have anything on me, but there’s a locker with a loose lock. Don’t forget I’m insanely stealthy, like a ninja, and easily sneak past the man. Somehow I manage to grab the lock and BAM! I have a shawshank weapon. I take the lock, throw it at the man’s head. He swings around to see who’s there but doesn’t notice me as I slide under him. From there on, he’s done. I pull some WWMA moves, headlock him, slam him to the ground, step on his hand to force the gun out, and voila. I am finished and so is he. Day saved, right?

The chance of this happening- me reacting this way- is one in a million. You could say, have confidence, or that it’s improbable (look at me using vocab words :D) for anything of the sort to happen. In reality, it happens all the time.

The U.S deadliest mass shootings (; some I’m sure you’re very aware of are the ultimate incidents to spark thoughts like these, respectively. What would I do? Would I do it? Could I do it?  People try to be heroes, villains, and then there’s always more victims than either of the two. It’s definitely an enigma of my own capabilities, self-worth, and thoughts. Would I really do it? Could I really be a hero? A victim? A villain? 

Think of it yourself, readers, bloggers, and theorists.

Misu ❤

SIDE NOTE: Today I was remembering the victims of Sandyhook, may they R.I.P; so don’t worry, I don’t look up the deadliest mass shootings as a hobby haha. That’d be…a very interesting hobby