Guess Who’s Back? Back Again..


Alright so this time it’s been TWO YEARS since I’ve posted. I’m not even active on my “other half” as much. There’s a reason for this… College Life.

No, I have not been partying hard and getting turnt. My life for the last two years consisted of me working to pay to apply and attend college. Yes, you read it right, apply to college. You would not believe the amount of money it costs to simply apply for colleges. I applied to seven colleges, each application ranging from $45-$75. The question that derived from this money pit was, “If we have to go to college because we need a degree to survive this economy, why must we pay for it?”


Anyhow, as that question remains unanswered, let me express my supreme joy to be back blogging again. Life got the better of me over the last two years. I neglected this sweet blog, forgetting about it entirely. I’m sure I’ve lost whatever followers I had. However, if Missy Elliot can make a comeback from the early 2000’s, so can I. Stay updated with me, next post I’ll be answering that question as well as posting a more detailed summary of my last two years.

❤ Misu


Poem Entry


For my school’s literary magazine, Scroll, I’ve written a poem about…things. I’m not really sure where I wanted it to go, but I think once I finished, it turned out nicely. Enjoy and read it 🙂 Any feedback? Tell me as sincerely and as you mean it. No need to sugar coat any of it, add some cuss words if you feel like it too. 


With a beauty surpassed common knowledge

Not much can be seen without the chemicals

Our scientific senses that transmit everything

Everything said to control us- to the brain

Where that single organ defines who we are

But the heart- forever beating to the rhythm

Of our life faintly beating to an organ, by an organ

It is where we are, we declare, left to feel

A bodily excuse for the brain to cast all consequences

Of it controlling how we think, what we do, even then it is

Broadcasting, transmitting what we must do to function

To all within and those barricaded by ourselves externally

Even then, our hearts still ache through a lifetime of eternal pain

Or happiness, or love, or excitement, or frustration, or abandonment

What intrigues us by dormant instincts, which has yet to be defined truly

It is not the brain or our hearts individually recognized- but both of them

Connected and so systematically intertwined

The functions of both which we label down in books

Carrying the weight of just another scientific definition with a scientific purpose

We are not to be looked or thought of as just as

“The Human Anatomy”

Our capability to feel beyond the intercom of the brain

And its’ consequences pushed onto the heart- we endure a lifetime

Think not of it as a life maze to be studied and diagnosed

Our hearts, our brains, our actions, our choices

Think not if it as to be solved, but experienced

We are left to be described and understood as


Misu ❤

Totally Off Topic


So I’m a bit late on the Happy Thanksgiving post…Happy Gobble Gobble Day..or I hope you did. It’s technically Friday now, so, Good Luck Black Friday Shoppers. Let’s not hurt anyone over Gucci Boots, now (Confessions of a Shopoholic reference..)

On to my real rants, tonight/today. That song I absolutely adored? Reality by Arcana. Yes, that one. Well, I derived inspiration from it because it was just too good not to do anything with it. I may not be a musical-vocal talented person (I get 50s on karaoke, don’t tell me I do) but I love words, poem,poetry, lyrics, etc. So, listen to my own spin on the song, or rather, read it. (On a side note, any feedback would be appreciated. I felt as if it were too short)

Enjoy my little poem, its also on Tumblr (link on page: My other Half)

I woke up, you were gone
These lines Im drawing
Can you make the connection?
Times only wasting
While we spend our lives waiting 
It isn’t what we were made to do
Coming down after a high
Waking up from a fantasy
We can’t go, not like this
Its drawing near to an end
Its all coming down on our heads
Before we know it we’re struck down
Wasn’t it too late?
How can love be so fickle
Was it us or the world we live in?
Is it true or can we go on
Show me the way, prove your love
Don’t go without ending it, ending all
Times only wasting
While we spend our lives waiting 
It isn’t what we were made to do
So take this reality and use it
Wake up from this dream 
We’ve been living it too long
Connections I’ve been drawing
You can see it now, embrace it
Im walking into my reality, without you

Listen to the song while reading it if you like ^^

Misu ❤