The sad truth?


I’m trying to fill the gap of my insecurities with the words of others
And I want to believe them but society shows I can’t
Be anything other than my imperfections
Belly fat, ugly, alone
Because I don’t know what I want to do with life
College, graduate, in-crowd
Smoke and drink and party
Till the world goes round’
I will always be my imperfections
And until I die my soul
Will always be tortured with selfishness and gaping holes
I fill the emptiness with the words from others
Because if they at least say I’m beautiful
It gives me the tiniest of hope
Sometimes that’s all anybody needs


Poem Entry


For my school’s literary magazine, Scroll, I’ve written a poem about…things. I’m not really sure where I wanted it to go, but I think once I finished, it turned out nicely. Enjoy and read it 🙂 Any feedback? Tell me as sincerely and as you mean it. No need to sugar coat any of it, add some cuss words if you feel like it too. 


With a beauty surpassed common knowledge

Not much can be seen without the chemicals

Our scientific senses that transmit everything

Everything said to control us- to the brain

Where that single organ defines who we are

But the heart- forever beating to the rhythm

Of our life faintly beating to an organ, by an organ

It is where we are, we declare, left to feel

A bodily excuse for the brain to cast all consequences

Of it controlling how we think, what we do, even then it is

Broadcasting, transmitting what we must do to function

To all within and those barricaded by ourselves externally

Even then, our hearts still ache through a lifetime of eternal pain

Or happiness, or love, or excitement, or frustration, or abandonment

What intrigues us by dormant instincts, which has yet to be defined truly

It is not the brain or our hearts individually recognized- but both of them

Connected and so systematically intertwined

The functions of both which we label down in books

Carrying the weight of just another scientific definition with a scientific purpose

We are not to be looked or thought of as just as

“The Human Anatomy”

Our capability to feel beyond the intercom of the brain

And its’ consequences pushed onto the heart- we endure a lifetime

Think not of it as a life maze to be studied and diagnosed

Our hearts, our brains, our actions, our choices

Think not if it as to be solved, but experienced

We are left to be described and understood as


Misu ❤

Free Style’n


Been listening to a lot of dub lately. Something about music without words, just pure beats, lights my inner fire. There’s already so much said without words, from actions to the way a drum is played. Don’t even get me started on dancing (I can’t dance to a rhythm, unless head banging counts). Music is such a powerful tool. Okay enough ranting from me, here’s me free style’n poetry. (Yeah, Style’n with an ‘n and not –lin. Pretty cool, eh? Next trendsetter? Maybe? No..okay well I tried)

Count the stars from wherever you are

Take the time to feel whats been left

Not said but clearly expressed

Eyes covered from happiness

Feeling what’s only meant for pain

Not remembering the lights of our time

Sleeping through what could have been

Stars, and moon, and skies

What can such beauty hold for our eyes

We can’t feel the unknown

But wander around for the shadows

Of pain and pleasure

We’re left to remember the bad

Dreaming of things we hope to reach

Not having the courage to face the reality

Count the stars from wherever you are

Take the time to feel whats been left

Not said but clearly expressed

Eyes covered from happiness

Feeling what’s only meant for pain

Not remembering the lights of our time

Sleeping through what could have been

Forgetting that everything we say or do

Things we believed but saw them in all honesty

Our cruel execution and dimmed thinking

We’re the being that brings it to life

Look to the stars, and moon, and skies

What’ll you be dreaming of tonight?

End Scene! *Spotlight fades*. Haha, just kidding. Feedbacks yawls, will be much appreciated. Listen to music, seriously, some good stuff out there. Not meaning any disrespect (& If i did let me know I will removie it), to those who have lost hearing or simply were born without it: The great thing about dubstep and electronic music, or any other forms, is that you can feel the bass. Put your hand up to a really good dub song, crank that stereo, and you’ll feel it with your hands.

Araso, araso, I will now take my leave. Keep listening to music people, it expresses so much what we can’t fathom to feel or say or think sometimes.

Misu ❤

Totally Off Topic


So I’m a bit late on the Happy Thanksgiving post…Happy Gobble Gobble Day..or I hope you did. It’s technically Friday now, so, Good Luck Black Friday Shoppers. Let’s not hurt anyone over Gucci Boots, now (Confessions of a Shopoholic reference..)

On to my real rants, tonight/today. That song I absolutely adored? Reality by Arcana. Yes, that one. Well, I derived inspiration from it because it was just too good not to do anything with it. I may not be a musical-vocal talented person (I get 50s on karaoke, don’t tell me I do) but I love words, poem,poetry, lyrics, etc. So, listen to my own spin on the song, or rather, read it. (On a side note, any feedback would be appreciated. I felt as if it were too short)

Enjoy my little poem, its also on Tumblr (link on page: My other Half)

I woke up, you were gone
These lines Im drawing
Can you make the connection?
Times only wasting
While we spend our lives waiting 
It isn’t what we were made to do
Coming down after a high
Waking up from a fantasy
We can’t go, not like this
Its drawing near to an end
Its all coming down on our heads
Before we know it we’re struck down
Wasn’t it too late?
How can love be so fickle
Was it us or the world we live in?
Is it true or can we go on
Show me the way, prove your love
Don’t go without ending it, ending all
Times only wasting
While we spend our lives waiting 
It isn’t what we were made to do
So take this reality and use it
Wake up from this dream 
We’ve been living it too long
Connections I’ve been drawing
You can see it now, embrace it
Im walking into my reality, without you

Listen to the song while reading it if you like ^^

Misu ❤




They’re the Japanese “escorts” of a forgotten age. Okay, maybe not so much forgotten, because they still exist today.  Anyways, I was reading this lovely book awhile back (The picture is from Memoirs of a Geisha– the movie). I remember writing a poem for it, not the book in general, but Geishas, on my tumblr. I thought that it ought to have more spotlight. I’m always looking for ways to feed my asian culture obsession, why not on here too? Enjoy!

The Poem from my tumblr:

Like a Geisha
She is bound by a contract
Of debt
Of guilt
Of desire
Of poverty
Of desperation
And Like a Geisha
She is innocent-looking
Her Kimono tightly bound
Nature is surrounding her
Colors pleasing to eyes
Pleasingly beautiful
Even though makeup
Has been heavily applied
Like a Geisha
One does not pry
Into her like she is nothing
They watch, gracefully
Watching as she serves
Warm tea by the trees
Blossom petals coming down
And chivalry isn’t dead
The man will take his time
She serves and waits
Until he is ready
At the end of the waiting
They will fall
Like a Geisha
Love is false
Money is involved
Desires and truths
Like a Geisha
Left vulnerable and weak
But the petals fall
Swaying with winds
Silk Kimonos covering
Warming, even, her skin
Into the eyes she is peering
She does not see a contract
Of debt
Of guilt
Of desire
Of poverty
Or of riches
But the only man
Who took to prying
Of patient watching
Of asking, without saying
She found love
Like a Geisha
It was her job
To give love
To make love
And to enjoy love
But was she ever loved?

Hope you enjoyed readers, bloggers, and asian enthusiasts alike 

Misu ❤